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Shameless Self-promotion, or just an opportunity to embarrass myself horrendously

Posted in Self-aggrandisement with tags , , , , , , , , on September 19, 2010 by plumbobrainier

First blog entry in about thirteen years and look what I go and do.

What you, dear reader, will find below is a YouTube video of me, incorrectly identified as Andy Johnstone (although that might be an idea for a supremely subtle pseudonym), reading from a short story of mine called ‘Donald & CO, F. Bonheur & Son.’ (Feel free to message me if you’d like to read the whole thing… to be fair, what I read in the video is probably the best bit)

It was created as part of a “Digital Content Day,” organised by commapress and literature northwest quite a while ago. I went along, had my headshot photo taken (in which I look less like a distinguished author and more like an excited little boy), and then apparently had a fit of facial spasms and all-over bodily muscle tremors in front of a recording camera. And listen to me trying to be all funny and clever (and failing) during the introduction: “edited by Donald Barthelme.” Oh, please.

Here it is then:

As you will gather, this is merely a shallow attempt at getting the views for the video higher than the current, paltry tally of 37.